It’s Cold Outside, Don’t Forget To Drink Water!

For some reason, we as humans do not drink nearly as much water as we should during the winter months. Have you ever noticed how you’re never as thirsty during the late fall and early winter?
This is because we don’t actively acknowledge our status of hydration. During the summer, it is easy to tell when you are dehydrated, especially in 90 degree temperatures with extreme humidity and the boiling sun overhead while all you can do is sweat.
Although nothing changes from summer to winter in regard to our need for water we trick ourselves into believing otherwise. This is caused by a few different factors. First, it isn’t as hot outside so your body isn’t having to keep you as cool, instead it is heating you up. Secondly, sweat actually evaporates faster in the colder months.
Our hydration gauge may be diminished up to 40% as our veins shrink in order to keep te body warmer. Furthermore, a cold body will draw blood into its core and away from the extremities (which is why we experience cold hands). Due to our lack of water consumption there is a break in communication between the body and the kidney which processes water just as quickly as it would on any other day which causes us to urinate much more than we really should be.
Hydration is key to our survivors as humans since our bodies are made of 2/3 of water. Don’t let the cold weather fool you into thinking you are hydrated and good to go when you really aren’t. DRINK WATER!  
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