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Spring Water Promotions bottles its pure spring water straight from its protected, high quality source in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia. We are a unique bottler providing customers with the experience of creating their own labels to increase brand awareness, promote an image, grow revenues, or simply impress your crowd.

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We take our customer care very seriously. While our aim is to make our website easy to understand and navigate, we know there are times when you may need a bit of assistance.



Our customers include event planners, schools, hotels, organizations, businesses of any size, and individuals planning that special celebration.

The water is gravity fed from the springhead to our state of the art bottling facility. To ensure that our high standards of quality and taste are met, our mountain spring water is further purified using three unique methods. First, the water is exposed to ultra-violet light, the preferred method, since it uses no heat or chemicals.

Next, the water passes through seven microfilters designed to remove any sediment. Finally, Oxygen, a natural purifier, is introduced to the water, completing the purification process — delivering pure, clean, mountain spring water. To ensure our water quality meets or exceeds regulatory standards, testing takes place throughout various stages of the process.

Spring Water Promotions is committed to excellence in all aspects including customer service, graphic design, label production, and quality control. Think of us as your solution for all of your bottled water needs (click here to get started).

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Spring Water Promotions bottles its pure water with your custom label. Check out our custom label builder and get started today!

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