Hurricane Preparation

With the incoming threat of hurricane Irma it is important for us to properly prepare ourselves for the worse a category 5 hurricane could deliver to us. “Even if Irma’s winds weaken and its Saffir-Simpson category drops, Irma could still be capable of extreme storm surge, depending on its track and the geography of its landfall location(s),” said Dr. Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with With this being said it is of extreme importance that we prepare ourselves for the worse it can bring. This is why we have decided to put together a list on how to be properly prepared.

  1. Evacuation Planning—As of 8:06 PM on Thursday (9/7/2017) evening Georgia’s Gov. Deal has placed 30 counties in the southeast region on a state of emergency. These areas are where hurricane Irma is supposed to hit us the hardest. Check here to see if you live in one of those zones. If not, it is important to be prepared to have to evacuate depending on floods, and rainfall.
  2. Buy Supplies—Although we won’t have to experience storms as bad as those hitting FL, it is important to have sustainment capabilities. Some items you should be positive are available to you are: First aid Kit, Battery Powered Radio (or hand crank), Flashlight, Whistle (for signaling), water, water and more water, food, personal hygiene products, electronics and clothing. For a detailed explanation on this list click here!
  3. Driving– avoid large puddles unless confident your car can handle them. Conduct a preventive check on your car in order to ensure that all fluids are topped off. While driving it is important to be economical, that means going the speed limit when possible (speed limits often deliver the most economic MPG with the fastest travel time. Be early as traffic will be bad if you wait to the last minute.
  4. Prepare your house. Fill your sinks and bathtub with water so you have an extra supply handy.
  5. Fridge-Lower your fridge’s thermostat and freezer to the coldest possible temperature and do not open them unless absolutely necessary. Lock all doors and close windows.
  6. Location-Stay in a room with no windows or in a closet, toward the center of your house. Have a television or a battery-operated radio to make sure you are getting updates on the hurricane.

Lastly, it is of great importance that you buy extra fuel and water as these will be critical to your survival in the worst-case scenario. If your local supplier does not have any water left, we still have some you can order .

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