Hurricane Preparation

With the incoming threat of hurricane Irma it is important for us to properly prepare ourselves for the worse a category 5 hurricane could deliver to us. “Even if Irma’s winds weaken and its Saffir-Simpson category drops, Irma could still be capable of extreme storm surge, depending on its track and the geography of its landfall location(s),” said Dr. Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with With this being said it is of extreme importance that we prepare ourselves for the worse it can bring. This is why we have decided to put together a list on how to be properly prepared.

  1. Evacuation Planning—As of 8:06 PM on Thursday (9/7/2017) evening Georgia’s Gov. Deal has placed 30 counties in the southeast region on a state of emergency. These areas are where hurricane Irma is supposed to hit us the hardest. Check here to see if you live in one of those zones. If not, it is important to be prepared to have to evacuate depending on floods, and rainfall.
  2. Buy Supplies—Although we won’t have to experience storms as bad as those hitting FL, it is important to have sustainment capabilities. Some items you should be positive are available to you are: First aid Kit, Battery Powered Radio (or hand crank), Flashlight, Whistle (for signaling), water, water and more water, food, personal hygiene products, electronics and clothing. For a detailed explanation on this list click here!
  3. Driving– avoid large puddles unless confident your car can handle them. Conduct a preventive check on your car in order to ensure that all fluids are topped off. While driving it is important to be economical, that means going the speed limit when possible (speed limits often deliver the most economic MPG with the fastest travel time. Be early as traffic will be bad if you wait to the last minute.
  4. Prepare your house. Fill your sinks and bathtub with water so you have an extra supply handy.
  5. Fridge-Lower your fridge’s thermostat and freezer to the coldest possible temperature and do not open them unless absolutely necessary. Lock all doors and close windows.
  6. Location-Stay in a room with no windows or in a closet, toward the center of your house. Have a television or a battery-operated radio to make sure you are getting updates on the hurricane.

Lastly, it is of great importance that you buy extra fuel and water as these will be critical to your survival in the worst-case scenario. If your local supplier does not have any water left, we still have some you can order .

Solar Eclipse 2017

Well, the solar eclipse is upon us! In fact, in less than a week some parts of the Earth will experience total darkness for about 2 minutes in the early afternoon. Since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, we have gotten together and come up with a list of pro tips to keep in mind when planning your eclipse getaway!

  1. First and foremost, we need to be clear on something, a 99% eclipse, is still not a solar eclipse. Be sure you go to the nearest city possible to have the full experience, you can find the cities here(ensure you are on the shaded area to see it totally).
  2. Remember, this is a kind of a big deal. So, what does that mean? You should prepare yourself to experience lots of crowds, hectic traffic, and anything Murphy’s Law can throw at you. An important thing to consider: do you want to be with a ton of people when this happens or would you rather spend it with a smaller group of people more intimately?
  3. Be sure to enjoy the moment. Here at Spring Water Promotions, we all have the same experience with this, you go to a concert or any even and everyone around you records the thing from start to finish. Instead of truly experiencing it they end up watching it through the screens on their smartphones. Should you choose to record it, we recommend using a tripod, or some way to make it worry-free. DO NOT MULLTITASK.
  4. One of the most important tips that we have learned, you have to take the glasses off to be able to fully experience the totality that is expected. So, in other words, wear the glasses until the sun disappears and then take them off and look around to see the “darkness of day”.

Lastly, but not least, ensure that you have a good time and remember to savor every last bit of it as it repeats itself (after totality). Be sure to truly live in the moment and

4 Tips to Enhance Your 4th of July Celebration

Well, today is July 3rd, and that only means one thing about tomorrow—It’s Independence Day!

We love celebrations here at Spring Water Promotions, especially celebrating the fourth of July. Whether it I by hosting a gathering, attending a gathering, just spending the day with family, or even by being brave enough to venture out into the open water of Lake Lanier.4th of july

So, this year we decided to get together and come up with some tips for this year’s incoming celebration based on our previous (good, bad, and ugly) experiences!

  1. PLANNING—Whatever you do, plan ahead, as nothing is worse than running out of food, drinks, or space for your guests. Plan by creating an event using a social media platform such as “Facebook”, invite guests, request and RSVP so you can also plan accordingly.
  2. SAFETY—A large part of the annual celebration is the usage of fireworks, be sure to utilize your best judgement, and follow all laws and regulations involved with fireworks, as they are beautiful, but dangerous. I remember last year’s celebration at a neighbor’s party, the fireworks fell over, and we were all running away from the fallen fireworks. If you are hosting a BBQ then remember to take precautions for children and food safety. Water safety is often overlooked, if venturing out on a lake, go early, set up your spot, and enjoy your day, plan on having a designated boater or plan to stay out on the water. Don’t forget, it isn’t you that we are worried about it’s the other boaters!
  3. Hydrate—Remember, July is the dead middle of Summer, what does that mean? It means that generally it is very hot, and in Georgia the air is humid and thick, this means it is even more important to drink WATER. Yes, soda and juices will help you stay hydrated, but water is key, make sure it has nutrients and minerals within—such as spring water, as it is better for hydration than distilled water. It is also not enough to drink on the day of, prepare by drinking water up to it. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated!
  4. HAVE FUN – Whether with toys, jokes, songs, campfires, fireworks, boating, gathering or whatever way you decide to celebrate. Remember, we are celebrating our independence and freedom so celebrate how YOU want!

However, and whatever you do for this fourth of July, we hope that you will have a blast as we celebrate our patriotism and American pride!

Bringing You The Best

Spring Water Promotions believes in bringing only the highest quality spring water to our customers, which is why our water undergoes three different stages of purification. The first stage is UV light exposure. The second is microfiltration, and lastly our ozonation process. Our unique methods of purification help us ensure the highest quality and taste possible.

Our spring water is gravity fed from a natural and protected source in Blue Ridge, GA, where our bottling facility also sits, which is truly great as it allows us to go directly from “spring to bottle” with no need for water tanks unlike many spring water companies. This also helps us maintain the freshest water!

The first part of the process is Ultra-Violet water purification. UV systems are wonderful as they are extremely effective in combating microorganisms (UV purification destroys 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms), they are chemical free—this allows water bottlesyou to have the most natural water, UV systems also leave the taste and smell of the water unchanged (unlike chlorine and chloramines). In other words, it lets you have the best of natural water without worrying about any impurities.

After our water is purified with UV rays we move into microfiltration, here at Spring Water Promotions, we don’t just filter our spring water through once or twice. Instead our water undergoes the process 7 times. The micro-filters help strain the water of any remaining impurities.

After our water goes through the UV purification,7 micro-filters, and testing in order to ensure regulatory standards we introduce oxygen into our water. This process can be referred to as water aeration. This process increases the oxygen in our water and acts as a natural purifier.

We are extremely dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality product here at Spring Water Promotions. Not only in the purity of our water, but also customer service, graphic design, label production, and quality control. Think of us as your solution for all your bottled water needs!