Bringing You The Best

Spring Water Promotions believes in bringing only the highest quality spring water to our customers, which is why our water undergoes three different stages of purification. The first stage is UV light exposure. The second is microfiltration, and lastly our ozonation process. Our unique methods of purification help us ensure the highest quality and taste possible.

Our spring water is gravity fed from a natural and protected source in Blue Ridge, GA, where our bottling facility also sits, which is truly great as it allows us to go directly from “spring to bottle” with no need for water tanks unlike many spring water companies. This also helps us maintain the freshest water!

The first part of the process is Ultra-Violet water purification. UV systems are wonderful as they are extremely effective in combating microorganisms (UV purification destroys 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms), they are chemical free—this allows water bottlesyou to have the most natural water, UV systems also leave the taste and smell of the water unchanged (unlike chlorine and chloramines). In other words, it lets you have the best of natural water without worrying about any impurities.

After our water is purified with UV rays we move into microfiltration, here at Spring Water Promotions, we don’t just filter our spring water through once or twice. Instead our water undergoes the process 7 times. The micro-filters help strain the water of any remaining impurities.

After our water goes through the UV purification,7 micro-filters, and testing in order to ensure regulatory standards we introduce oxygen into our water. This process can be referred to as water aeration. This process increases the oxygen in our water and acts as a natural purifier.

We are extremely dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality product here at Spring Water Promotions. Not only in the purity of our water, but also customer service, graphic design, label production, and quality control. Think of us as your solution for all your bottled water needs!